Ready to Ride?

Batteries charged, lenses clean, media cards empty and I have a parking permit with my official “Photographer” vest. I even picked up a poncho because we are expecting A LOT of rain.

My gear is ready. Am I?

The Ride for Roswell is a bicycling event fundraiser to benefit the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  Around Buffalo, NY we are quite familiar with this institution. If you aren’t familiar, it was “Founded in 1898 as the nation’s first cancer center, Roswell Park set the standard for today’s multidisciplinary approach to the highest quality cancer care.” It is the 20th annual Ride for Roswell benefit this year. It is also the first time I will participate beyond pledging to Riders. I will be a volunteer photographer.

After participating and volunteering in other cause-related fundraising events, I know they are emotionally charged. Some people are celebrating triumphs, others are working through struggles and some are remembering and honoring their losses. Many stories and tears are shared. As a sensitive person who has lost an incredible person in my life to cancer, I’m not sure I will have the strength to handle the emotional roller coaster throughout the day. I also imagine the intensity will be super-charged because it is a milestone anniversary year for the Ride for Roswell.

As I write this, the memories of pain, courage, strength, battle and defeat in the face of cancer are overwhelming me emotionally…

It seems I’ll need to pack some tissues in my camera bag too. I am determined to get out there to do my small part to support others with the hope that the story of their battle ends with triumph!

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