We all have to eat. EVERY DAY.

Confession: I used to view cooking and eating as a necessary nuisance. Then I realized that attitude just adds unnecessary frustration to my life. After all we all need to eat to live. So, I’ve been working hard to change my perspective by adding a dash of creativity. Now in our home, we try lots of new recipes, modify recipes, reinvent leftovers, experiment with slow cookers, look for short cuts everywhere and love make-ahead freezer meals or meal-starters. Our goals are:

  • to eat well
  • prepare our meals as quickly as possible
  • have family mealtimes as often as possible
  • eat a lot of whole foods
  • serve a variety of flavorful meals

The ideas and recipes shared here help us make these things easier and we hope they will for you too.

We’re looking for fast, easy, tasty food that is not out-of-a-box. Please feel free to share your thought ideas, questions and suggestions!

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