Photography Inspiration for Your Creativity

“Sharing Creativity” Photography posts are where you will find resources to create your own photo artwork.

Look for tips, tricks and behind-the-scenes photo setups. You will also find information about DIY projects, recommended gear and post-processing techniques. Use this info to create your own unique images!

In these posts, I share my thoughts, ideas and philosophy about photography. My plan is to also feature other photographers I admire to share their work and inspiration they offer too.

I will always be interested in learning and new ideas, so please share your thoughts, techniques and ideas too. Let’s learn and grow with our photo-making process together!

If you have questions, ideas or requests for articles, please contact me.

Typical Cheryl Photography Posts

Poppies for Memorial Day

Poppies for Memorial Day 20160531This article features my image of a poppy flower. It bloomed orange and I turned it red in honor of United States Memorial Day. Find out about the symbolism and tradition of this flower for remembrance and service to members of our military who protect the freedoms we enjoy as United States citizens.

Bedside Books for Reading Therapy

Books for reading before bed from the nightstand of Cheryl from TypicalCheryl.comBooks are a favorite way to be inspired and learn. You will see books about a few topics here and particularly related to photography are books about creativity, lighting for photography and one that features beautiful photography and daily quotes to encourage peaceful living.

How Did I Get Here?

Dream Your WorldThis is the first photo in a self portrait personal photography project. Find out about the process and the artist that inspired the technique used in this article.


The Bumble Crochet Hat

Bumble on the treeFind the long exposure photo with a two children (ages 2 and 4) in it! This was a 2 second exposure at f/16, ISO 800. F/16 is the smallest aperture on the 50 MM lens and the key to the Christmas light starbursts. Can you believe I attempted this after giving them a cup of hot chocolate? Find the Abominable Snow Monster hat I made for my husband here too.

Set up a DIY Glassware Studio for under $20!

Garden Fresh

Make Your Photos Look Great – ON PAPER!

ON ASSIGNMENT: a challenge that brings growth

Behind the Shot: The “Orchid Light” Image Evolution

This video features a series of photos I created while studying dark field lighting and still life techniques. After it was finished, I started calling this my “Basement Still Life Series.”

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