Chunky brimmed hat and scarf
Handmade crochet brimmed winter hat and scarf set

My crochet journey began because I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of taking a ball of yarn and making it into fabric! Actually I tried knitting first, but I found crochet to be much faster and more versatile. In my first year I would guess I made over one hundred projects! Some small, some large; some easy, some frustrating.

It was very easy to learn to crochet in my own home, at my own pace and you can too!

Now I always have several projects in progress and many more on a wishful “to do” list. It gives me a little warm and fuzzy feeling to be able to give handmade crochet gift to friends and family. It is also great to have something to do while watching TV or sitting in a waiting room.

bacon scarf
For the love of BACON! A thick, warm slab of bacon scarf to keep you warm during the cold winter months. Warning: it may spur random conversations with strangers.

Check this section for crochet inspiration including photos, pattern links, inspiring crochet bloggers along with other yarn-y tips and discoveries.


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