Remove Sticky Sticker Residue from Fabric FAST!

Stickers. Kids LOVE stickers, don’t they? Imagine folding laundry and finding that huge mass of sticker that went through the washer AND THE DRYER! What even is… Oh, right – the huge “My Name Is” sticker from the birthday party. Ugh.

Of course, it is great that my kids put their clothes in the hamper. Now we just need to work on checking pockets and looking for stickers stuck to shirts, pants, socks… (Yes, really socks. I don’t get it either.) Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, thinking about how I remove sticky, sticker leftovers from plastic and glass made me cringe when I thought about trying it on fabric. After considering cutting my losses and tossing it right in the trash, I had an idea.

Rubbing Alcohol! I poured some on the spot and rubbed it with my finger and it just started rolling right off! That whole spot was gone in less than five minutes! You probably even have this stuff sitting in your medicine cabinet right now! If you don’t, it is super cheap, you can find it almost anywhere and I will share other ways you can use it soon. How exciting is that!?!

Ha. Maybe not for you. It is probably just a mom thing.Remove-sticker-residue

So, while I was working, I wondered if the printing ink or fabric color might be damaged by the rubbing alcohol. That’s a great time to think of it. Right? Luckily everything was fine. The beige colored snout of the bear became tacky as I worked, but when it dried it was back to normal. If you want to try this on something more valuable than a tiny novelty t-shirt, you will probably want to test an inconspicuous spot with the rubbing alcohol first.

My son is happy to have his silly BEARrito shirt back. And I am excited to have a new quick tip to solve a mom laundry problem that I can share with you!

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