Sending Homemade Cupcakes to School

Yeah, I did it. I sent homemade cupcakes to school. ON THE FIRST DAY!

I know. I can almost hear the gasps.

Now slowly lower your hand as I tell you I wasn’t trying to pump my little Pre-K sweet pea and his classmates full of sugar to make them emotional time bombs at pick-up time. Actually these homemade cupcakes are made out of crochet!

Cupcakes_1060You can find the adorable free, easy-to-follow pattern and tutorial to customize the crochet to fit the size of your container from GoodKnits here. There are even variations, but I like how the “frosting” really seems to swirl and pile up here. The crocheted pieces are hot glued to a recyclable food container, so you can even use it as a gift box or trinket box. I used pure acetone to remove the screen printed labels because it bothered me that you could see the writing from the inside of the cupcake. After I had them completed, I realized Chinese food soup containers would have been a perfect size and would have saved me a step. Sometimes the timing of my ideas could use some refining! At least it makes for a good tip for you.

These were made as a gift for a teacher who loves to bake with a cupcake specialty. It would also be a fun little birthday gift box. Happy crocheting.

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